YEET! 2015 Goals and Favorite Characters from The Walking Dead

Episode 43 FTQA Podcast

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We kicked off 2015 production the same way we kicked off 2014, with Emma as the guest on the show.

Emma and I discuss who are our favorite characters from the show The Walking Dead. She finally watched a marathon with Olivia during the winter break from school. Emma must have been bored because she’s never really shown an interest in watching TWD with the rest of us.

We also take a moment to talk about setting a goal for 2015, and the necessary daily habits to accomplish that goal.

Our question to you: What is your one big goal for 2015, and what daily habits and milestones do you have written down to keep you on track to achieve it?

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Episode 1 of Family Time Q&A with Emma kicking off the podcast.

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