What Dog Owners May (or May Not) Already Know About Success

Oreo, the Zombie Killer

I have no idea what kind of dog Oreo is, or how old he is for that matter. He came to us as a wounded stray, hiding in the bushes of our front lawn, who stole our hearts the moment he hobbled out for help.

For nearly three years now, I wake up between 6am and 6:30am whether I have an alarm clock or not. It has nothing to do with my own Circadian Rhythm either. It’s my dog’s routine. 

My dog has a routine. He has to go outside to do his business five times a day, every day starting at 6am. Argh! Why so early? He’s ready to eat when we settle down for dinner. His routine is mostly based on my family’s weekday schedule, but he doesn’t budge on the weekends.

This is what I think dog owners may already know about success:
We are all creatures of routine. 

We wake up, go through our morning rituals, go to work, come home, and fall into some routine whether we are aware of them or not. On the weekends, we may deviate from our weekday activities, but we fall into a routine nonetheless.

Success is built depending on a variety of factors, but most importantly success is built on the actions we take every day. Our routines.

If we are not proactive about our daily routines, we will find our routines determined by others.

Carpe diem – Go seize your day!

Leave a comment below. What are the intentional things you do in your daily routine to get closer and closer to your dreams?

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