What Advice Do You Give Teens When Their Parents Are Fighting? – Episode 45 FTQA

Quelf Box.jpg(1:01) Olivia bought a new game for our family game nights, Quelf! Quelf? Yes, Quelf. We do our best to explain it, but it was a lot of fun. Here’s the Amazon Affiliate link so you can check it out for yourself. Jacob’s question to me was what I liked about playing Quelf.

(5:58) Another family milestone was reached this weekend when Olivia and I let Jacob go out with friends to the movies without parents close by. Yikes! So, Jacob and I take time to discuss the experience and the movie he watched, “Taken 3.”

(8:27) My question to Jacob was, “What advice do you give to your friends when their parents are fighting?” The inspiration for this question comes from my own curiosity. He has some close friends who are good kids and they share with Jacob from time to time their parents are fighting—again. He’ll spend hours talking with them, cheering them up, encouraging them, and I just wanted to know what kind of stuff they talk about.

(10:12) Do Olivia and I fight (argue) a lot? If so, what do we argue about? What is our #1 argument topic?

(15:42) Weekend to Remember BOGO until January 26, 2015. Go! GO! GOOOO! (Discount) Group Name: CorpusChristi

(18:01) One minute of Jacob eating potato chips in the car. He was really loud one day, and I recorded his chewing to prove it to him.

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