Weekend to Remember, 2015, Corpus Christi

Weekend to Remember Wrap Up

“It truly helped us reconnect and learn so much info about one another. Plus we’ve never been alone so we had our honeymoon 4 years later, and it was amazing! Truly a weekend to remember, and I will never forget!” Wife, married 4 years

Olivia and I wrapped up another FamilyLife Weekend to Remember in Corpus Christi with the help of five other couples over the last seven months.

Weekend to Remember, 2015, Corpus Christi.

273 people (136 couples) attended the 3-day conference to learn from speakers Tim & Joy Downs, authors of Fight Fair, and Raymond Causey, Pastor from Atlanta, Georgia. Many shared how the event reignited their passion for their spouses, or gave them hope for a second chance. The Weekend to Remember is a structured Christian-based program that guides couples through lessons and activities that promote conversation that deepen relationships for couples whether they are newlyweds or have been married for decades.

Prayer requests poured in throughout the weekend., Many asked for forgiveness of the hurts they caused, healing from infidelity, or hope of a renewed passion in marriage.

The prayer requests that poured in throughout the weekend were the most intense I have ever come across at one of these events. Couples asked for healing as they faced infidelity, financial strife, and the frustrations that come with blended families.

The view from the hotel also couldn’t be beat!

View from the Omni Corpus Christi Hotel, site for Weekend to Remember.

Unfortunately, there is not a Weekend to Remember on the calendar for Corpus Christi in the near future, however there are plenty of locations around the U.S. where couples can attend one of these events. You can learn more at WeekendToRemember.com, and use Group Name “CorpusChristi” to save on your regsitration.

You can also keep in touch with me through this blog or via my email list to find out when similar marriage events come to Corpus Christi.

Upcoming events I know of include The Art of Marriage, a 1.5-day video-based event, which will be hosted by Second Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, and there is talk of bringing an event called I Still Do.

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