Weekend to Remember, Refresh & Recharge Your Marriage

Date Night with Olivia
San Antonio Weekend to Remember
November 2012

Register for a Weekend to Remember at http://bit.ly/wtrmap and use Group Name “CorpusChristi” for a special group rate. Make an investment in the quality of your marriage now and prevent heartache and divorce tomorrow.

This getaway is not just for those who are struggling. Liv and I regularly attend a Weekend to Remember simply to get away from it all and refocus ourselves on each other and on God in our marriage.

What to Expect 

This is a 3-day event, Friday night, all-day Saturday, and Sunday morning. When was the last time you dedicated that much time to your marriage? Are there less important things in your life that get more time than 3 days? See the schedule.

Shut off the outside world. Go ahead. Turn off that cell phone. Let folks know you won’t post on Facebook for an entire three days. It’s okay. The world will not come to an end. Get work done BEFORE leaving for the Weekend to Remember.

Plan ahead for childcare. There is no childcare on site, so start listing out the trustworthy people you know. While many focus on getting one couple/person to watch the kids for an entire weekend, others have arranged for a series of slumber parties and multiple family members to share the load.

Plan for date night. Make it special.

You do not have to stay at the hotel. Some couples have used their own home as a hotel getting the kids out of the house for the weekend, ordering delivery, picking up take-out, etc.

Meals are on your own. This is designed to get you and your wife out together.

Expect spiritual attack. This will happen. Think about who does not want your marriage to be grounded in a foundation based on God’s love, grace, and Word for your marriage. Imagine what kind of impact a solid, healthy, loving marriage would have on your family, community, and society at large. Of course, Satan would want you to turn back or have a big fight on the first night. Come anyway.

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