We Still Hold Hands

I woke up this morning and noticed that Liv and I were holding hands, and I smiled. After 8 years of marriage, we still hold hands like when we were dating. I am very grateful for that.

Zig Ziglar spoke to a Corpus Christi crowd last week at a “Get Motivated” business seminar. For those who don’t know, Zig had a bad fall in his home a couple of years back and one of the conditions he suffers from today is short term memory loss. His daughter now comes on stage and introduces him, letting the crowd know that he moves slowly and tends to forget that he has already said something. Her purpose on stage is to simply nudge him along when that happens.

Well, he only repeated one of his statements, and he repeated it four times. Of all the knowledge, insight, wisdom and experience Zig Ziglar possesses, his most passionate message, the one he kept repeating without realization was to court your wife every day like it is the first day that you started courting her. Let your children see you courting your wife in this way, and your children will live happy lives because they have a great example and expectation to follow. Then, he would remind us that he has been married for 63 wonderful years.

Zig’s daughter even joked that if he repeats something for the third time, then there was someone in the audience who needed to hear that message. Without missing a beat, Zig pointed to a random man in the fifth row and said, “Yes, it’s probably that guy in the fifth row.” He was joking about that man in the fifth row, but I think his daughter hit a point like hitting a nail on the head. Of all the knowledge, insight, wisdom and experience that Zig Ziglar possesses, God has Zig speaking out on one point, one message above all the rest.

I am thankful and grateful that Liv and I still hold hands like when we first started dating more than 8 years ago. And, because of Zig’s message, I don’t complain when she wants to hug or cuddle. Even though I sat in the nosebleed section at that seminar, I’ll be that guy in the fifth row receiving Zig’s message until it is time to go home to my heavenly Father.

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