There Might Be a Slight Delay in Episode 17

Life happens. We may have a slight delay in getting Episode 17 up this week.

Don’t see this as airing dirty laundry. It’s about being real, and tonight we weren’t feeling it. Those who have teens can relate. Heck, I can now relate!

I love my boy, and I pray for the wisdom to guide him through these challenging years. Middle School is tough. It’s a time when there’s pressure to act a certain way, be more grown up, and it’s frustrating to have that pressure clash with the reality of still living under the rules of a child.

It’s a transition period for Olivia and I, too, as we learn where to let go and where to keep a close eye.

We know that he isn’t ready for some things and ready for others. He so badly desires to spread his wings and taste the freedom to make his own decisions and do what he wants.

There are some absolutes we still wish to maintain during these years, such as the following:
1. No matter how frustrated you feel, it’s no excuse to snap at or be rude towards your family, especially your mother.

2. We love you. That’s why we are in your business. We will let go over time.

3. We have trust because we don’t keep secrets from each other. There’s no need to hide from us. Talking with us should be a safe, non-judgy experience. (Yes, I said “non-judgy” like it’s a real word.)

Wish us luck! #parentsofteens

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