best podcasts on my commute list

The Best Podcasts on My Commute List

Zig Ziglar referred to it as Automobile University, the practice of using your car as a chance to learn by listening to books on CD rather than music radio. With a 30-minute commute one-way, that is roughly 60 minutes of taking in new information Monday through Friday.

Years ago, I got into listening to podcasts instead of books on CD. The decision was mostly a financial one since I was a struggling Realtor at the time. Podcasts are free. Books on CD cost money…unless you have a library card and remember to return your CD’s on time.

Stop wasting time in your car listening to pop music and add some variety to AM talk radio. Here are the best podcasts from my subscription list on Stitcher (for Android) organized by category.

If you have an Android device, I recommend you download Stitcher to subscribe to these podcasts. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, use the Podcasts app through iTunes.


I like listening to business podcasts, especially those geared towards entrepreneurs, because they see the opportunity in the world and often share stories of success in the face of adversity using a combination of creativity and determination. Here are the best podcasts from my business category.

  • Starve the Doubts” with Jared Easley, Kimanzi Constable and Jody Mayberry. The title says it all, and I have a running Twitter gag with them about Nutella. #DoYouEvenNutellaBro?
  • Entrepreneur on Fire” with John Lee Dumas. I started by listening to John’s free podcasting course available on, and became a fan shortly after.
  • Pat Flynn’s “Ask Pat” and “Smart Passive Income” shows provide practical tips and stories of creative ways to generate extra income.
  • The Fizzle Show” shares a combination of humor and personal experience to help people start a business or idea that does not fizzle out.

podcastMarriage and Family

  • Family Time Q&A Podcast.” Seriously, I love my own show. Is that bad? The first couple of times I listen to an episode, it’s for quality assurance. I can’t justify the remaining three or four times I listen to it. Sometimes, it’s because I love my interaction with my family. Other times, I can’t believe we actually put together a helpful show.
  • Focus on the Family” – Christian tips and biblical advice from pastors on dealing with modern day marriage and family issues.
  • Family from the Heart” is a behind-the-scenes look at the life and world of Podcast Answer Man’s Cliff Ravenscraft. It’s a lot like Family Time Q&A, except it’s been around a longer.

Technology, Blogging, Podcasting

  • Podcast Answer Man” with Cliff Ravenscraft is all about how to have a bigger, better podcast. He shares evidence as well as his own preferences. Cliff is the guy that all the big podcasters I follow have learned from. I learned about podcasting from a video series Pat Flynn created and shared. Pat learned how to podcast by paying Cliff Ravenscraft.
  • “The Portfolio Life” with Andy Traub and Jeff Goins shares inspiration and practical tips on how to be a self-published author with a powerful message to make the world a better place. (iTunes, Stitcher)


  • WDW Radio” with Lou Mongello. Not all learning has to be serious stuff. Lou has podcasted for years about Walt Disney World trivia, and I enjoy listening to his show on the commute home after a long day. Thanks to Lou, I always have something cool to share with my family. I also listen to Lou to get a feel for how he structures his show, speaking style, and interview skills. So, while I enjoy learning about WDW, I also pick up ideas for FTQA.
  • WDW Today” is on my list, but I really only listen to these guys while I wait for another Lou Mongello episode to roll out. They are funny, sometimes chaotic, and family-friendly.
  • The Nerdist” hosted by Chris Hardwick from the tv show, “The Talking Dead,” interviews a variety of celebrities. It sounds like he’s recording from his living room, and it’s because he is recording from his living room.

Best podcastsNew on My List

  • Beyond the Rut Podcast” is a project I’ve been a part of since January 2015, and it is set to launch in the next few weeks. Check it out and subscribe on iTunes when we launch. It’s a show about inspiring and equipping you to make your own path to live the life you always dreamed of living.
  • The Starters’ Club” hosted by Erin Smith is a business podcast for women, but that doesn’t stop me from listening. She and her guests have a lot of great ideas.
  • Dad Mode Podcast” is the newest on my subscription list. Down-to-Earth dad shares his insights on fatherhood, parents who go too far on social media, and openly states he doesn’t have it all together. I like this guy because he’s real.

Honorable Mentions

I keep these shows on my subscription list because they cover relevant topics

  • This is Your Life” with Michael Hyatt and Michelle Kuschatt on leadership, publishing, routines for success, and social media platforms.
  • Learning with Leslie” with Leslie Samuel of Become a Blogger blog is a tried-and-true podcast for me. Good topics.
  • Father Nation” with Jesse Foster, a Dad blogger from California

So, check some of these shows out. Subscribe to them if you like them. Be sure to subscribe to Family Time Q&A Podcast if you haven’t already either on iTunes or Stitcher.

Comment below on what podcasts are your best podcasts to recommend.




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