Getting My Family Back Before They’re Gone

Time is flying by too quickly. My kids are growing up, my body is getting sore at times, and they gray hair population on my head is increasing. A little over a month ago, Liv and I were talking and realized that we were spending a lot of time with our new gadgets, laptops, Xbox, … Read more

Planting Vision for My Son

It never hurts to have a positive outlook on one’s future. My Pastor recently gave a sermon about casting vision for our children so that striving for a life of excellence is the norm for them. I decided one day to take Jacob on a tour of my college campus this week when I had … Read more

The 7-Day Media Fast

Last Week, I suddenly challenged myself and my family to a 7-Day Media Fast. I was in the middle of assessing my life goals and completing Step 3 of the “I Dare You to Change Challenge” (if you do not already own a copy of I Dare You to Change by Bil Cornelius, I highly … Read more