Six Reasons Why You Should Attend a Marriage Conference

Corporations spend millions of dollars each year developing their leaders to have the best-trained staff in the industry. Cliff Ravenscraft from Podcast Answer Man shared in Episode 391, “Six Reasons Why You Should Attend a Conference.”

Those same principles can be carried over to marriage, so here are six reasons why a married couple should regularly attend a marriage conference. Read it, and share it with someone you know.

1. You need a break from the rut of routine

Every morning, you wake up and get ready for work while scrambling to get the kids ready for school. You spend all your energy and creativity at work, then fight traffic to come home dead beat tired. If you’re the parent who picks the kids up from school, coming home wasn’t the end of the destination.

It may have become easier for you to cut corners in other areas of your life like connecting with your spouse on a daily basis.  Let’s face it. You can get into a rut without trying, and the best way to prevent ruts from drifting you apart from your spouse is to proactively get away from your routines at least once a year.

2You will receive education and insights to build your marriage

The best in any field or industry attend at least one conference every year to gain that “one thing” they can apply this year. If you want to become an expert on having a healthy marriage for yourself, then you and your spouse should commit to attending at least one marriage conference each year and applying that “one thing” that will keep you growing closer together.

3. You take your marriage relationship to the next level

You and your spouse have changed over the years, and you cannot sit on your laurels thinking you’ve learned everything there is to know about your spouse. Olivia’s favorite color was yellow when we met, and her favorite holiday was Easter. Today, her favorite color is pink (I think) and her favorite holiday is Christmas—all year round.

You need to pursue your spouse every day like it’s the first date. There’s plenty to learn and re-learn about her.

Marriage Conference
Weekend to Remember 2011 in Corpus Christi, Texas.


4. There is an opportunity to expose issues, problems, and create solutions for your relationship

Not all couples attend a conference with a marriage that is on the rocks. Olivia and I are one of those couples, but we discover new struggles, issues, or threats to our relationship every time. One year we agreed to some rules for money in our marriage. Another year, we discovered how much time gaming with my son was taking me away from my wife.

5. There is a possibility of sharing your experience to help other couples  

Olivia and I have found ourselves in conversations where we helped couples strengthen their own marriages from what we learned and applied from conferences we have attended.

6. A chance to experience a city or environment where the conference is held

Our last conference was at the Downtown Riverwalk in San Antonio. That’s when I realized how much Olivia was really into the history of Titanic.

Even if you are staying in town, you can create a getaway experience. The first two conferences Olivia and I attended were in our hometown. We stayed home. Our kids did not. We had the house to ourselves. We know of couples who had their parents stay at their home with the kids while they booked a hotel or resort room. Do what you can afford, but invest in strengthening your marriage.

You now have six reasons why you should invest in your marriage relationship by attending a marriage conference.

Where will you go? What are some events worth mentioning?

I have placed some resources below to help you get started. It’s not an all-inclusive list, but it shares resources that we have used ourselves.


Weekend to Remember. Use Group Name “CorpusChristi” and save on the registration.

Art of Marriage– don’t have a conference in your hometown, start one with an Art of Marriage kit.

Episode 47 – Getting Old…Cremation? (We talk about the right way to treat your spouse after attending a conference.)

Episode 31 – How Has Leaving Out “Divorce as an Option” Impacted Our Marriage?

Episode 25 – Back-to-School Blues and Marriage Tune-Ups

Episode 22 – Five Things We Do to Stay Close in Our Marriage

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