Romantic Date Night for $10

Romantic Date Night for $10 – FTQA 079

Boat n NetJerry and Olivia have a husband and wife talk about the following:

  • Upcoming interview with Dr. Jeff Temple, Associate Professor of Univ of Texas Medical Branch, #TDVAM
  • Upcoming interview with Glen and Shawn Solberg from FamilyLife Ministries about healthy marriages
  • Jacob and Emma happenings
  • Olivia’s question to Jerry: What is the most draining aspect of being a parent to you?
  • Jerry’s question to Olivia: What would be the most romantic date night you could pull off with only $10?

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Resources and Links

Dates on a Dime [book, affiliate link]

Coffee Dates for Couples [book, affiliate link]

Music attribution: Oceans Apart by Scott Ian Holmes

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