Emma takes a relationship quiz on Episode 52 of Family Time Q&A Podcast

Emma Takes a Relationship Quiz – Episode 52 FTQA Podcast

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Emma takes a relationship quiz and has a father-daughter discussion on the following:

  • Shoutout to the “Daddy Daughter Podcast” (iTunes, Stitcher) with Jeff and Abby Small, @jeffrsmall @daddypodcast
  • Emma attends a bridal shower and has too much to drink (pineapple juice)
  • Our new audio splitter and failed attempt with Voicemeeter
  • Jacob’s impersonation of Dory from “Finding Nemo”
  • Free copy of Strength Revisited (audio book) taking another look at strength in manhood in the 21st Century, eBook version
  • LoveIsRespect.org as a resource for parents and teens – Listen to Jacob’s exploration here
  • Emma takes a relationship quiz and doesn’t like the results
  • Emma’s new contact lenses, and how much I hate touching my eyes
  • What does “I’m All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor mean? – Critical media literacy with my 11-year old who’s been jamming out to that song lately

Emma’s Relationship Quiz

Fair is fair. I showed a website called LoveIsRespect.org to Jacob as a resource he will probably never use, but I know that Emma would not let that teachable moment go to waste.

Listen to this episode as Emma gives us an audio tour of the resources available on Love Is Respect. I loved the reaction she when she received her results from their healthy relationship quiz. Seriously, a red flag for me was that her friends don’t like her real world crush in school. Other than that, the boy seems to be a nice boy, and Emma is busy enough with extracurricular activities that I don’t have to worry about her right now.

Click here to take the healthy relationship quiz on Love Is Respect.

Critical Media Literacy Talk About “I’m All About That Bass”

I don’t fully censor what music my kids listen to, but we also do not let them listen to just anything without taking the time to know what they enjoy and talking with them about the meanings of those songs. Emma’s latest song addiction is “I’m All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor. In 2014, that song was touted as both a positive body image song and at the same time missing the mark as far as respect towards women.

Even though Emma is just 11-years old in 6th Grade, I feel that it’s a good skill for her to have to be able to look deeper into the meaning behind lyrics, television shows, and other media messaging that we consume.

My discussion won’t stop Emma from listening to “I’m All About That Bass,” but over time I’d hope that she is able to look beyond a catchy tune, and be able to state her value and self-worth from within rather than from outside media messaging.

It never hurts to have that discussion with your child, take a look at the video together if there is one, review the lyrics and discuss what they mean and how that fits into what you believe.

What are some issues you have had with your teens, and what resources would you recommend?

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