Pointe Shoes and Cyberbullying – Episode 46 FTQA

(0:15) Emma, aka “my special guest,” has danced in multiple productions of the Corpus Christi Ballet, makes purses out of Black Friday newspapers ads (and duct tape,) and once said that tap dancing was not a cool trick!

She went back and reinforced it with duct tape though so it’d be usable.

(1:22) Emma shares with me her road trip experience with Olivia (Dee,) Aunt Rose (Dee,) and Grammies to buy a new pair of pointe shoes from Dorothy’s Dance Shop in the Ventura Plaza Shopping Center in San Antonio, Texas. Here’s the story of why they made the trip.

(7:25) My question to Emma was, “What do you do when a negative comment on a text or social media upsets you?” Thank you to Mary from Corpus Christi, Texas for sending in the question.

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(9:20) Mirfanda Moment – an homage by Emma for the YouTuber Miranda from Miranda Sings.

(12:20)Announcement to download a free copy of my eBook, Strength Revisited, no-strings-attached, no email required. Strength Revisited talks about a need to think about how we consider what it means to be a “strong man.”

Download the free eBook here. (Dropbox link)
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(14:55) Emma’s question to me was, “If you were a male dancer, and you wore pointe shoes, what brand would sound most appealing to you? Bloch, Capezio, Gaynor Minden, Sansha, or Suffolk?” Listen to what I’d choose and why.

The new Blochs on Emma.

(17:25) Emma plugs Fancy Dancer in The Woodlands, Texas, and Dorothy’s Dance Shop in San Antonio, Texas. Corpus Christi shops, get your act together!

(18:23) Weekend to Remember you can still save on an investment to recharge and renew your marriage relationship by using (Discount) Group Name CorpusChristi when you register for an event near you.

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