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FTQA 084 – Do You Consider Suicide to Be Murder? (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 083 – Parenting Better, Raising a Toddler, Censoring Movies, and a Stripper Pole (Wife-Sister-Son-Daughter)

FTQA 082 – Our Shy Son Coming Out of His Shell (Husband-Wife-Son)

FTQA 081 – The Secret Sauce to a Happy Healthy Marriage (Honorary Dugans, Glen and Shawn Solberg)

FTQA 080 – The Fourth R with Dr. Jeff Temple (Honorary Dugan/Special Guest)

FTQA 079 – Romantic Date Night for $10 (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 078 – Seven Seconds Challenge Father Vs. Daughter

FTQA 077 – Kicking Off 2016 with a Bang! (Olivia, Jerry, and Jacob)


FTQA 076 – Favorite Family Christmas (Everyone, including you)

FTQA 075 – When the Christmas Season is Hard (Husband-Wife-Daughter)

FTQA 074 – The Christmas Season is Here! (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 073 – Our Race to Black Mountain, Dirty Dancing, and More (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 072 – Do Us a Flavor Taste Testing as a Family Event (Family)

FTQA 071 –Teen Voice Edition: Family Time Q and Slay (Father-Son and Friends)

FTQA 070 – What is the Role of a Father in Raising Boys into Non-Violent Men? (with Special Guest Emiliano Diaz De Leon)

FTQA 069 – Parenting Teens: Daddy Daughter Podcasts Worth Listening To (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 068 – A Medal, a Regret, and an Opportunity (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 067 – Positive Peer Influence of a Student Athlete, and a Prayer for Mr. Lopez (Father-Son)

FTQA 066 – Fathers and Daughters: Six Things Dads With Daughters Should Know (with Special Guest Brandon Cunningham of

FTQA 065 – Teen Sexting, Snapchat, and the Dangers of Social Media (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 064 – AshleyMadison, Surviving Infidelity After the Affair (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 063 – Why Do You Volunteer in Church? (Father-Son)

FTQA 062 – Fly Me to the Moon (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 061 – SPOILER ALERT! Father-Daughter Talk About Pixar’s Inside Out, Bing Bong, and Emma’s Core Memories

FTQA 060 – Dedicationally! What I Think of My Son’s Friends, Plus a Message to Loveless Marriages and Divorced Dads (Father-Son)

FTQA 059 – Dates on a Dime and Impromptu Family Time (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 058 – Marriage Conferences, Multiple Streams of Income, Summer, and Kids (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 057 – How to Confront a Bully Who Is Also a Friend (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 056 – Thor, a Baseball Story (Father-Son Talk)

FTQA 055 – We’re Going to Germany (Husband-Wife Talk)

FTQA 054 – What Three Things Are Your Parents Passionate About? (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 053 – Cinderella Movie Review, Spirit Animals, and Future Guests? (Family)

FTQA 052 – Emma Takes a Relationship Quiz (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 051 – Define Respect: Father-Son Discussion

FTQA 050 – Communication in Marriage (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 049 – Cold Coffee and Mrs. Villain (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 048 – Father-Son Review of American Sniper (movie review)

FTQA 047 – Getting Old…Cremation? (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 046 – Pointe Shoes and Cyberbullying (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 045 – What Advice Do You Give Teens When Their Parents Are Fighting? (Father-Son)

FTQA 044 – Happy Birthday to Olivia and Approaching the Middle of the Road (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 043 – YEET! 2015 Goals and Favorite Characters from “The Walking Dead” (Father-Daughter)


FTQA 042 – The LAST Episode…of 2014 (Family)

FTQA 041.5 – Happy New Year! What’s On Tap for 2015? (Jerry-only)

FTQA 041 – We’re All Sick. Merry Christmas! (Family)

FTQA 040 – Signs of a Controlling (Abusive) Relationship (Father-Son)

FTQA 039 – Christmas Memories, Elf on the Shelf, and am I an Embarrassing Dad? (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 038 – Our Wedding Anniversary and The Walking Dead mid-Season Finale (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 037 – D-D-D-and-E…Weird Pregnancy Dreams, Embarrassing Moments, and Challenges of Being a New Mom (Mother-Sister-Daughter)

FTQA 036 – The Olivia and Jacob Family Time Session: What is Your Favorite Movie (Mother-Son)

FTQA 035 – A Daughter’s Advice to Father’s and Remembering the Late Socks the Cat (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 034 – Hair Playing, AllProDad Question for My Wife, a Sorceror’s Hat, and Who’s Pregnant?! (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 033 – Let’s Go to Legoland, and How to Play a Better Game of ‘Clue’ (Father-Son)

FTQA 032 – Dad, How Long Would You Live in the Zombie Apocalypse and Why? The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Special Episode (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 031 – How Has Leaving Out “Divorce as an Option” Impacted Our Marriage? (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 030 – A Father-Son Talk on Why it is Important to Honor Our Mothers

FTQA 029 – Favorite Color, Nutcracker Ballet, Quilting, and Ellen DeGeneres? (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 028 – The One Where Olivia is Hyper (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 027 – How Do You Stay Connected with Your Teen (Father-Son with guest Brandon Cunningham,

FTQA 026 – First Week of Middle School, Rose, Thorn, and Bud (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 025 – Back-to-School Blues, and Marriage Tune-Ups (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 024 – A Father-Son Chat, School Sports, Favorite TV Shows, Strength Revisted

FTQA 023 – A Game of “This or That” with My Daughter

FTQA 022 – Five Things We Do to Stay Close in Our Marriage (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 021 – Favorite Holidays, Open Communication, Golden Rule, and Platinum Rule (Father-Son)

FTQA 020 – Double Standards, Teen Dating, and Ironing with Sprite (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 019 – Special Father’s Day Podcast (Father-Daughter-Son)

FTQA 018 – What’s Up With the Toe Thumb? (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 017 – Am I Ready to See My Son Go Into 8th Grade? (Father-Son)

FTQA 016 – Memorial Day Reflection and Must-Do Things for Summer (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 015 – Preparing Our Daughter for Middle School…Already?! (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 014 – Paintballin’! (Father-Son)

FTQA 013 – Age Appropriate Responsibilities (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 012 – What Olivia and I have Learned from Our Weaknesses and Struggles (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 011 – What’s Wrong with My German? (Father-Son)

FTQA 010 – How We Planned Emma’s Business Idea and More (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 009 – “You really said that?!” Said Everyone to Me (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 008 – Father-Son Talk About Baseball, Coaching, and Relationships

FTQA 007 – Father-Daughter Q&A Session – Emma Takes Over

FTQA 006 – A Brain Fart, M.O.P.S. Success, Translucent Creations, and More (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 005 – Teaching Kids About Money in Marriage (Father-Son)

FTQA 004 – Disney Movies, Babies on eBay, Superbowl (Father-Daughter)

FTQA 003 – Episode 3 (Husband-Wife)

FTQA 002 – How Do You Handle Bullying? Bully B.U.S.T.E.R. (Father-Son)

FTQA 001 – What Can I Do to Be a Better Daddy? (Father-Daughter)