Planting Vision for My Son

It never hurts to have a positive outlook on one’s future. My Pastor recently gave a sermon about casting vision for our children so that striving for a life of excellence is the norm for them.

I decided one day to take Jacob on a tour of my college campus this week when I had to run some errands, where I am currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Educational Technology at the age of 36. One building in particular was sure to be on the tour, this building was named after a local eye doctor, Dr. Jack Dugan (and his wife). Our tour of Texas A&M Corpus Christi also included one of the classrooms where I attend a class on Wednesday nights. The room was empty, so we were able to go into the classroom and sit in the auditorium seating, mess with the Elmo, and project shadow puppets onto the projection screens (I do this in class, too). I think he enjoyed seeing a part of my world, and expand his perception of what I do.

Many of the folks from my family grew up expecting to live on SSI, welfare, food stamps, or some other form of government support. The Dugans I knew grew up in poverty, struggled with divorce, experienced difficulty in school, some endured learning disabilities, suffered with alcohol & drug abuse, and a variety of “Irish issues”. That was simply the normal culture within my family in California. The great thing about having a building named after a Dugan in Corpus Christi, Texas, is that I get to expose my children to a new normal. We have a great opportunity to shape our future, and even influence the future of our children. What is the normal you want for your children?

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