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Parenting Better, Raising a Toddler, Censoring Movies, and a Stripper Pole FTQA 083

Liv, Emma, and Rosanne return as the trio D-D-D to discuss the following:

  • Jacob Quince 2016Jacob’s first Quinceneara and his noticing the stripper pole on the party bus
  • Do you believe in not allowing your kids to see certain movies and tv shows?
  • Adult humor and topics found in shows like “Bubba Guppies” and “Sponge Bob Square Pants”
  • What part of parenting do you think you could do better?
  • What surprises you most about [your current stage of parenting of a toddler]?


We’ll admit that we don’t have it all together when it comes to parenting. Like many of you who listen to our show, we are doing our best based on what we feel is the best thing to do for the growth of our children.

That comes with its many challenges, successes, and failures. D-D-D want to encourage you to stay consistent when it comes to delivering firm and fair discipline. One thing that Jacob has come to notice with Liv is that she may ground him for two weeks in the heat of the moment, then let him off the hook in less than 24 hours. That is something she is working on.

14573193729071I’m not perfect either. The plank in my own eye is that I am the king of the 30-second blast, and that is not a good thing. My form of discipline in the heat of the moment is to get angry. All my kids remember at that point is that I was angry, or even scary. They often need to go to Liv for a translation, or wait until I calm down and explain myself. We usually have to let Liv deliver the translation.

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