Not Courageous But Real Steel

Jacob asked me to take him to see the movie “Real Steel” this weekend. He was so excited, so despite the fact that I really wanted to take him to see “Courageous” I made a plan to see “Real Steel” instead. I was thoroughly surprised by the movie and by the reminders it served for me in regards to my relationship with my son.

It made me appreciate the unique relationship that a father has with a son.

A son desires to look up to his father, to be proud of him, and to one day be just like him. I couldn’t help but look at Jacob throughout the movie and hope that he looks up to me in that same way. In many ways, a son also just wants to see their fathers fight for them, to be their hero when the time comes.

This isn’t far-fetched, and it doesn’t take much to pull this off. Today, it was simply taking Jacob to a movie and telling him that I loved him. On other days, it’s playing video games together. Always, it’s letting him see me do what he has always been taught is right. I expected to get a deep father-son teaching moment out of “Courageous”, but was equally glad to find one in “Real Steel”.

On another note, while I told Jacob that I would never trade him for any amount of money, I couldn’t help but think that God once traded His only Son for the entire world to be able to have eternal life with Him.

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