My 12th Lesson Learned from 12 Years of Marriage

November 17, 2013 will mark 12 wonderful, adventurous, fulfilling and challenging years with Olivia as my wife. Reflecting on this milestone has helped me realize…

Lesson #12 – Dream together. I finally shared my Life Plan, all of it, with Olivia this year. The method behind my madness was explained, AND I found even more encouragement and life-changing advice from her. My dreams became her dreams, and her dreams were infused with mine. It was as if we were a new couple again! I don’t know why I didn’t share it sooner, because this led to all kinds of awesome for our marriage!

New couples have no trouble dreaming with each other. That’s part of the fun. However, I think the rigors of life’s routines can chip away at that sense of adventure causing couples to drift apart. 

That adventure can be reborn! Take some time to sit (or cuddle) together. Share those dreams again. Be vulnerable with each other like in those early years. Be adventurous IN your marriage as my friend, Lori Ferguson, would say.

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