Open Love Letter to My Wife

Open Love Letter to My Wife

My friend, Troy, is celebrating his 17th wedding anniversary this week. He asked me to help him draft a love letter to express his love for his wife, and it in turn inspired me to write my own love letter for Olivia. So, here’s my open love letter to Olivia, my wonderful wife of the past thirteen years, and for the years to come.

Love Letter to Olivia

Love Letter to OliviaMy Dearest Love,

I am writing you this open love letter because I can’t stop smiling when I think of when and how we met in Germany, and see where we are today. I still remember how sweet your voice was when our friend, Nicole, made our introduction during my homecoming from a tour in Kosovo. Even though you probably hated your Army experience at that point, you never let it sour your attitude. I remember thinking what a nice, pretty, warm person you are and how you were a shining light in contrast to the setting where we were. God knew exactly what He was doing when He stationed us at Anderson Barracks, the Alcatraz of the Rheinland. I was always comfortable talking with you like we had already known each other and always would.

Over the last 13 years of marriage, I have slowly learned how your differences fill in the gaps of my life. Your close attachment to family showed me how to have the family I always dreamed of having. Your willingness to resolve conflict boldly and lovingly with words showed me how to value the relationships that matter most. God also gifted you with discernment and common sense to balance out the big picture visionary personality He’s given me. You keep me grounded and on course for my dreams at the same time. I have to communicate with you to make decisions because he gives you a good portion of the key perspectives I need to fulfill my dreams, vision, and purpose. I love that God did that. I love making decisions WITH you and not for you. That is the way God wanted it to be. We are equals in all things.

You go out of your way to show me support and respect through your love language, acts of service. I love you so much and appreciate how you’ve allowed me to lead our family through a 5-year financial valley. I’m also sorry that I led us into that financial trouble in the first place, but grateful how God has used that time to shape us into who we are today and where we will go from here. You keep me grounded in “us” when I want to run off and do what I mistakenly refer to as “big things” because you know in the long run it’ll be my relationship and moments with God and my family that matter most to me.

I’m glad we take time to work on our marriage at conferences and getaways, because I get to learn what you are thinking and feeling. The only statistics I want us to be is the “never been divorced” and “happily ever after” categories with you.

I pledge to be a Christ-like head of our family and make time to show you how much you mean to me. You are my rock and Proverbs 31 Woman. I hope to always be your Proverbs 31 Man, to be respected at the city gates, have full faith in you, and call you blessed in front of our children and grandchildren, and maybe even our great-grandchildren.

I can’t wait to see the kind of legacy God wants us to build come to fruition. I love you with all my heart and want you to know my greatest adventure in life is always being right beside you.

Yours always and fully,


Men, take a moment to write your own love letter for your spouse right now and give it to her as soon as possible. Heck, make it a plan to write at least one note a week and be specific about what you are praising with her. Here’s one final tip, make it more than just about her body and sex.

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