When the Christmas Season is Hard

FTQA 075 – When the Christmas Season is Hard

Jerry, Liv, and Emma have a conversation about the following:

  • (2:35) An update on Emma’s performances in The Nutcracker Ballet
  • (6:40) We are still collecting stories for our Christmas special episode
  • (9:20) Do you write with expensive or cheap, disposable pens? – Emma’s first question to us
  • (12:10) When was a time that a child embarrassed you? – Emma’s second question to us
  • (19:30) There are people for whom the Christmas season brings up painful memories or is a hard season. What would you like to share with those who have a hard time enjoying the holidays? In other words what would we say to others when the Christmas season is hard?

Send us your favorite #FamilyChristmas memory or tradition either from your childhood or something more recent.

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  • Email it in and we’ll read it for you at jerrysdugan@gmail.com
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