FTQA 074 Christmas Season is Here

FTQA 074 – Christmas Season is Here!

Christmas season is here for the Dugans!

Granted, Christmas season kind of starts as early as September for Liv. Then again, it’s year-round if we consider her Christmas Wall, a wall of Christmas decorations that never come down.

Liv and I have a husband-wife chat about what we’re looking forward to this year’s Christmas, her growing Christmas Wall, news about an upcoming special Christmas episode of Family Time Q&A Podcast, and what brings us peace of mind.

What’s your favorite #FamilyChristmas memory?

Family Christmas, Nov. 2015, Asheville, NCEpisode 76 is going to be a special Christmas episode. We’re going to share our favorite #FamilyChristmas memories and moments with you, and we’d like you to be able to share your stories as well. Here’s what you can do.

Call and leave a voicemail at 361-434-0126.

If you have a microphone and a computer, you can click on the tab that reads “Ask a question for the show” in the upper left of the screen. Speakpipe will give you instructions from there.

If you’re shy about your own voice, and still want to share your story, you can email it to us so we can read it for you at jerrysdugan@gmail.com.

This Episode’s Questions

Jerry’s Question to Olivia: What are you most looking forward to this Christmas season?

Olivia’s Question to Jerry: What things, people, or activities bring you peace of mine?

Resources and Links

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young is the book Olivia mentions in this episode as a great go-to devotional for motivation.

This episode’s intro and outro music is provided by the U.S. Marine Band through Free Music Archive.

Recipe for Texas Trash. If you listened to this episode to the very end and heard Emma’s favorite #FamilyChristmas tradition in our home, then you’ll know what we’re talking about.

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