Triple Falls, NC

FTQA 073 – Our Race to Black Mountain, Dirty Dancing, and More

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Triple Falls, Hunger Games
The Hunger Games was filmed here. Triple Falls, Brevard, NC.

In this father-daughter episode, Emma and Jerry talk about the following:

  • (1:45) Emma’s continued hatred of the word “candid”
  • (7:00) Going to Black Mountain, North Carolina for Thanksgiving vacation
  • (7:40) Emma’s Question to Jerry: What are all the things you would like, or would have liked, to ask/tell your mother?
  • (15:00) Jerry’s Question to Emma: What are you most excited about on our trip [to Black Mountain?]
  • Visiting Lake Lure, filming site of the movie “Dirty Dancing,” my parents’ dogs/puppies, Moto and Yoshi, Uncle Jimmy, and more

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4,000 Questions for Getting to Know Anyone and Everyone, 2nd Edition

Pictures from our Thanksgiving vacation in Black Mountain, NC

Fish hatchery
Feeding trout at a fish hatchery.







Great Smokey Mountains National Forest

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