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FTQA 070 – What is the role of a father in raising boys into non-violent men?

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Emiliano Diaz De LeonIn a hyper-masculine culture that links violence as a part of strength in manhood, how can fathers raise boys into men with a healthy perspective of what manhood really is, relationships, and communicating emotions?

Honorary Dugan, Emiliano Diaz De Leon joins me for a discussion on what is the role of a father in raising boys into non-violent men? Emiliano is the Men’s Engagement Specialist from Texas Association Against Sexual Assault.

  • (3:00) Most memorable moment as a father so far
  • (5:50) Comparing 2-parent experience versus single parent experience in our childhoods
  • (7:15) Work as a Men’s Engagement Specialist with TAASA
  • (12:40) What’s our role as fathers in raising healthy non-violent boys into healthy non-violent men?
  • (31:50) Emiliano’s revelation after one year of going Vegan

Resources and Links

Emiliano’s Website – EmilianoCDiazDeLeon.com

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WEBSITE Texas Association Against Sexual Assault

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