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FTQA 069 – Parenting Teens: Daddy Daughter Podcasts Worth Checking Out

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Emma and I have a father-daughter discussion about two daddy-daughter podcasts worth checking out including the following:

  • (1:00) Nutcracker ballet auditions with the Corpus Christi Ballet
  • (3:38) Leadership is a lonely road
  • (7:11) Two sports, cross-country and ballet. One had to give
  • (10:30), a new podcast
  • (13:50) Daddy Daughter Podcasts worth checking out

When it comes to parenting teens, we’ve got to be on our best game. For me, that includes reading from experts and also listening to other dads in how they interact with their own daughters. There are not many podcasts that bring their own children and teens onto the show. It is common with popular YouTube vloggers, and they do get some flak for it.

There is a fine line between keeping your family private, and being transparent. I’m sure I’ve blown that line up a bit with Family Time Q&A, however nothing is shared that our family doesn’t wish to share. We also don’t capture every moment of our days, just one conversation every few weeks.

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If you are parenting teens (or younger,) what are some other podcasts or blogs you follow to gain perspective, encouragement or inspiration? If your kids have already flown from the nest, what are some resources you recommend?

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