FTQA 064 - AshleyMadison, Surviving Infidelity After the Affair

FTQA 064 – AshleyMadison, Surviving Infidelity After the Affair

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Better Half CokeWith 29 million customers, the recent hack of the ashleymadison.com database has brought pain to married couples around the world. In this episode, Olivia and Jerry have a husband-wife discussion on the following:

  • The end-of-summer blues for Olivia
  • What did Jerry mumble behind Olivia’s back before recording this episode?
  • The impact of the AshleyMadison hack and infidelity on marriage
  • What three things can couples do if they choose to stay together after the affair

Surviving an affair, is a tough challenge for married couples. Trust has been violated and broken at the deepest level.

So, how do you survive infidelity after the affair? It’s no easy battle, and I have the utmost respect for couples who have been able to recover. Listen to this episode to learn about some of the tools they used and changes made to make a healthy, thriving marriage out of a trust-breaking mistake.


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