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FTQA 061 – SPOILER ALERT! Father-Daughter Talk About Pixar’s Inside Out, Bing Bong, and Emma’s Core Memories

Emma holding Bong Bong from Pixar Inside Out blind box


Our family recently watched Pixar’s Inside Out at the movies. It was a tear-jerker for three of the four Dugans. We’ll get Jacob to cry at a movie one day…one day.

Naturally, Emma and I talked in this episode about Bing Bong, get choked up, and straight up cried as we discussed growing up, core memories, and what we loved about Inside Out.

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Emma’s question(s) to me:

There are five emotions (in Pixar’s Inside Out) sadness, fear, anger, joy and disgust with one in the lead. What do you think your lead emotion would be?

If you were in someone’s mind, what emotion would you want to be?

My question to Emma:

Riley had some core memories built off simple emotions (mostly joy.) What would you consider to be one of your core memories? What stands out to you from your childhood that you think about often?

Also in this episode:

  • Everyone is a butthead at some point
  • Synopsis of Pixar’s Inside Out
  • How Inside Out compares with Pixar movies like Toy Story 3 and others
  • My awkwardness of recording from the kitchen
  • Emma scolding me
  • Bing Bong, “Take her to the moon for me.”
  • Growing up – middle school and high school
  • How Pixar could have done a better job portraying Riley’s dad, and why

What was your favorite part of Pixar’s Inside Out? Comment below.

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