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FTQA 060 – Dedicationally! What I Think of My Son’s Friends, Plus a Message to Loveless Marriage and Divorced Dads

In this episode, Jacob and I have a father-son discussion about what I think about his friends, how his life is different and similar to his friends, and somehow I find myself on a soapbox about what men should really do about their loveless marriage as well as provide advice for divorced dads.

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Show Me Who Your Friends Are

My son, like many teenagers, is influenced and supported by his fellow teen friends. Part of connecting with him involves knowing who his friends are. Listen to this episode to see what I think about them and the influence they have on my son.

Men Stuck in a Loveless Marriage

It happens. You’ve drifted apart and it feels like the woman you committed to spending the rest of your life with doesn’t seem to know who you are anymore. We all change. You changed, and somewhere along the way you forgot to tell you wife. She’s changed, and maybe you haven’t taken the right approach to getting to know her today.

In this episode, I share with you insights from seeing regret from men who thought leaving their current loveless marriage was the answer and the impact they had on their children. You need to make an effort. It’s worth making an effort.

Advice for Divorced DadsAdvice for Divorced Dads

A child’s relationship with his or her father is highly desired. Time and again, I have seen daughters of divorce seek attention from other male figures often in the form of dating relationships. Stay connected with your children, honor their mother, and in this episode I rant about why this is important for your children and for yourself.


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