Dates on a Dime

FTQA 059 – Dates on a Dime & Impromptu Family Time

In this husband-wife session, Jerry and Olivia discuss the following:

Impromptu Family Time with Emma and Olivia.

2 thoughts on “FTQA 059 – Dates on a Dime & Impromptu Family Time

  1. Thanks for sharing, Shawn. You’re also in the drawing for that book by the way, Dates on a Dime. Olivia’s favorite date on a dime is described in Episode 59. I didn’t get to share my favorite. When we were still dating, Easter was Olivia’s favorite holiday. I spent a few hours on Saturday hiding Easter egg clues all over our community taping them under benches, placing them in bushes, and even had friends hiding clues in their homes. Every clue was a significant moment in our relationship at that time. Except for the brunch we stumbled upon, the whole thing cost less than $5.

  2. Date on a dime is a great concept. A meaningful date isn’t just dinner and a movie. It is a time to connect. One of my favorites was when we had put our daughter to bed, poured some wine, and laid in the bed going through old picture albums and telling stories. Cheap and memorable.

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