Father-Son Review of American Sniper (movie) Episode 48 FTQA

In this episode, Jerry and Jacob have a father-son discussion about the movie American Sniper. We actually recorded this conversation right after we saw the movie on January 24. The following was also discussed:



Jacob didn’t realize that American Sniper was based on a real life person, Chris Kyle. Seeing the funeral footage at the end of the movie was what really drove the movie home for Jacob and I. For those who have only seen a military funeral from what is shown in the movies and television, you have never seen or heard the roll call portion of the ceremony.

During roll call, the top non-commissioned officer calls out names in alphabetical order of soldiers in that deceased soldier’s unit. Each person responds with a loud and proud, “Here, Sergeant!” until the deceased soldier’s name is called, “Private Smith!” Silence. “Private John Smith!” Silence. “PRIVATE JOHN DOE SMITH!” Silence for a moment, then a 21-gun salute is fired off followed by “Taps.” Final Roll Call for SGT Christopher Kuhl [YouTube]

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