Family Time Q&A Podcast: Episode 5, Teaching Kids About Money in Marriage

This father-son episode brings you an homage to Rooster Teeth’s intro by Jack & Geoff

Jacob asks me why I love Walt Disney World so much? Before 2008, I really could care less about WDW, but one family trip change all of that. Now, I always look forward to going again and love going through our photos and blog posts about WDW. There are many reasons why I love WDW, building memories with Olivia and my children are at the top of the list.

Jerry vs. Jacob “The Cheater” on Ranger Spin,
Tomorrowland – Magic Kingdom, WDW
Sept. 2012

I asked Jacob what he loves seeing his parents do, and what he learns most from us. Our kids learn from what we do, not what we say. Liv and I make it a point to let our kids see how we interact to provide a model for their future families. With that said, I am still surprised by Jacob’s response.

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What are some things that you intentionally model in front of your children? (COMMENT BELOW!)

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