Family Time Q&A Podcast Announcement

There are a lot of great podcasts about building healthy family relationships, but I have never really come across a podcast that showcases the host actually interacting with his or her family. I am pleased to announce that I will do just that!

I am adding a weekly podcast to this blog called “Family Time Q&A”. Each week, I will intentionally interact with my family on my podcast, because frankly that’s the premise of the show.

Why You Should Listen Each Week
Unscripted, unedited, and The Real Jerry Dugan. Each week, someone from my family will ask a question that I must answer without any preparation. The challenge is for me to provide a truthful, helpful, and thoughtful response that is more than, “Go ask your mother.”

My daughter, Emma, added an interesting twist while recording our first episode. Once I’m out of the hot seat, I get to flip the un-script and ask a question of my guest who must answer with more than, “I don’t know.” (That rule was added for my pre-teen son.)

Father-daughter duo circa October 2003
Fort Benning, Georgia

PREVIEW: Episode #1, Father-Daughter Q&A
Emma deceptively asks an easy question to debut the podcast, and I quickly learn the hard way this 10-year old girl understands the concept of “unscripted and unedited.” She puts that phrase, and me, to the test when I ask her “What can I do to be a better daddy in 2014?” She came ready with her hypocrite radar fully turned on.

Tune in to the podcast on Monday to see how I handle it.

What sort of questions or moments do you hope to hear in a podcast like this? Leave a comment and let us know.

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