Family Time Q&A: Episode 1


In this father-daughter episode, Emma asks me about my latest eBook, Use Your Smartphone to Lose Weight. I couldn’t have asked for a better plug!

Then, I “flip the un-script” and ask her what I can do in 2014 to be a better daddy.  Let’s just say that while I knew she was going to give me an answer I needed to hear, I did not expect her to rip off the band aid. Emma definitely keeps it real.

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Side note: The app I used was called Auphonic, not Audiophonic. I’ve reached that age where I add syllables to words. It’s cool.

NEXT EPISODE: Father-son Q&A.

Since we are new at podcasting, tech advice is also welcome, just understand that our current budget is $0 and please be gentle.

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3 thoughts on “Family Time Q&A: Episode 1

  1. Emiliano, can you believe that this show has just recorded and posted its 64th episode?! I’m blown away by that. Now, the kids want their own vlogs. Thanks for your support and for listening. Really cool to see this as a resource in ChangeMedia.

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