Episode 9 – “You really said that?!” said everyone to me.

Warning: This episode may not be suitable for children.

Yes, I have my moments when I am asked a question and I say something really stupid. Liv expected something like “clean the bathroom” or “iron my clothes”, but no, I found something much worse to say apparently. In fact, when we were done recording, we told the kids. Each one of them replied in shock, “Dad! You really said that?!”

Once I survived that ordeal, Liv and I take a moment to announce my new book project, a memoir about Operation Iraqi Freedom. It’s current title is Finding Heaven While Unleashing Hell, and we share a couple of memories from 2003 as 3rd Infantry Division and I invaded Iraq. 

Picking up the dry cleaning in Baghdad, April 2003.

The girl pictured above really wanted me to take her picture. She wouldn’t stop staring at me until I did, and she had to signal to me that she wanted her picture taken for me to take the hint. Minutes later, there was an explosion that went off about 100 meters away from me. While I treated the wounded soldier, the only thing that I could think of was how this little girl was in the area and she could have been my daughter. Emma was born on the day image was taken.

Thank you for listening, your words of encouragement, and we look forward to bringing more episodes like these to you.

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