Episode 36 – The Olivia and Jacob Family Time Session: What is Your Favorite Movie

Photo credit: Sylvia Vega

I noticed that Jacob just wasn’t looking forward to recording Episode 36 with me, so I asked if he would like to record with Olivia instead. Not only did he jump on the opportunity, it sounded like they had a lot of fun recording.

My only role in Episode 36 was showing them how to click on Record and Pause with the Audacity software we were using as well as do the intro and outro. Of course, Emma now wants to record a session with Olivia in the coming weeks. That’s okay with me. This show is all about recording real family interactions. I’m now on a campaign to see if I can get a brother-sister session going. You’d probably just hear them disagree with each other for 20 minutes though.

Disclaimer: Olivia does not hit me. She was clapping and I was playing along. I am seriously obsessed with sound quality though.

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Jacob’s question to Olivia: What is your favorite movie of all-time?

Olivia’s question to Jacob: Why does it give you such great pleasure to annoy me all the time?

Our question to you: What is your favorite movie of all-time? Share your responses in the Comments section below.

Let’s not use the word “retarded” as an insult. We had to say something to Jacob about this in the episode, and had a talk about it afterwards.

Pulled from a Facebook campaign.

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Movies mentioned in this podcast episode:


  • Titanic – Olivia’s all-time favorite.
  • Home Alone – Olivia can stop on a dime to watch this if it’s on television.
  • Christmas Story – Family tradition to put this movie on during Christmas when it plays on TNT.
  • Wayne’s World – Olivia had a moment where she felt like Garth when Jacob left her alone to in the recording session.

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