Episode 33 – Let’s Go to Legoland, and How to Play a Better Game of ‘Clue’

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Jacob’s question to me: What is something you like to do the least?

You’ll learn what it would take to get me to base jump or zip line when Jacob asks me what I like to do the least in life. Hey, we all have our limits!

My question to Jacob: What is something we do as a family that you definitely want to do with your family in the future?

Funny thing. The “something we do as a family” that Jacob identifies is actually something we haven’t done…yet. Looks like we will need to make a trip to Legoland in San Diego, California so Jacob can one day take his family to Legoland and tell them, “This is something I used to do with my family when I was a kid!” I’m cool with that.

Somehow, Jacob and I wind up digressing our conversation from Legoland to how he can improve in the game of “Clue.” Eh, that’s how it goes when we have no script and we go with what’s on our hearts.

Our question to you: What is something that you really don’t enjoy doing?

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CORRECTION: Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows did come out a year before Breaking Dawn Part 1. I was wrong. My son was right.

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What the heck is Legoland, and where is it?! Well, we’re talking about the theme park in San Diego, California, and not any of the Discovery Centers.

Here’s a list of some of the board, card, and dice games we play during Family Game Night:
  • Clue
  • Tenzi
  • Life 
     Golf (Wikipedia link)

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