Episode 20 – Double Standards, Teen Dating, and Ironing With Sprite

There’s a time in one’s life when one must iron with Sprite. Listen to this episode to see how that turned out. Plus, are there any double standards our kids experience from their parents, and my daughter wants to know why her brother can have a girlfriend but she can’t have a boyfriend. Yikes!

Important note: Emma whispers something to me at 9:20 for a few seconds, so don’t panic! The podcast didn’t fail. It’s Emma whispering something to me.

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Emma’s question to Jerry: What did you do to the iron the other day?

Jerry’s question to Emma: Do you experience any double standards in how [Olivia] and I parent you and your brother? (Had to explain “double standards”.)

Our question to you: How would you, or have you, handled your kids dating? What boundaries would you set? What would you allow, and why?


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