Episode 18 – What’s Up With the Toe-Thumb?

Husband-wife session. What’s up with the Toe-Thumb?
My “toe thumb”. This apparently is a real thing…
at least on Google it is.

I have a toe-thumb. It’s a working opposable thumb, but because it’s short and stubby it looks more like a big toe than a proper thumb. Love is deeper when it goes beyond wonky appendages, right?

Question from Olivia to Jerry – It’s 2:08pm in Orlando, Florida. If we were at Walt Disney World, which park would we be in and what would we be doing, Jerry?

My first “Quick Service” meal at Walt Disney World in 2012.
Turkey, macaroni & cheese, stuffing, roll. The muffin & lemonade
I saved for breakfast. #AllStarMusicResort #IntermissionFoodCourt

Question from Jerry to Olivia – Father’s Day is coming. What do I do well as a father, and what could I do better?

Duct tape wallet and Rainbow Loom bracelet from Emma.
I often get flak from other men about these, but I care
more about what my daughter feels and what my son sees
 me doing than impressing other men.

Do you get nervous before you speak, present, or facilitate a workshop in front of people? What processes or rituals do you go through to overcome your jitters or fears? Comment below, or email me to jerrysdugan@gmail.com (let me know if I can post your comment anonymously on this post, too.)

Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Magic Kingdom, Carousel of Progress
Getting Out of the Man Box to be the Father I Need to Be, guest post on Many Voices, One Mission
Or, You Can Become the Man You Want Your Son to Be, guest post on Many Voices, One Mission

Episode 1 – Father-Daughter Q&A, when I was silly enough to ask Emma what I could do to be a better daddy in 2014. Oops! She called me out that day.

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