Episode 15 – Preparing Our Daughter for Middle School…Already?!

Geez, less than a minute into the recording, I get a notification that my troops are ready for battle on Clash of Clans reminding me that I did not put my phone into Airplane Mode.

We recorded this episode on May 4, 2014, Star Wars Day. So, with that said, may the fourth be with you, and we hope you enjoy the podcast…

In this episode, Olivia and I talk about my return to baseball/softball as a player since I just joined a co-ed community softball team. I say it’s because I want to stay physically active. She says it’s because I want to relive my glory days as a young man. Maybe it’s both.

How Liv pictures Jacob and I when we practice baseball together. The Family Circus, 2011.

Also, our daughter will go to 6th Grade next school year, and we wonder if we have prepared her for middle school. She is unique, strong-willed, and prone to being called “weird”. We love her! With that said, we love our son, too, so don’t think we have a favorite. We were nervous about him going to middle school.

What concerns did you, or do you, have about sending your children to middle school, high school, or college? Comment below.

As promised, this is the hair-do that distracted Olivia throughout the entire recording session. Maybe I should get cleaned up before we record next week. That’s kind of the down side to recording on a Sunday. It’s truly a rest day for us.

My hair! Olivia could not stop staring at my hair.
I wonder why.

What the heck is Star Wars Day?

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