Episode 14 – Paintballin’!

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Well, I survived a full day of paintballing with Jacob and his friends on the day we recorded this episode. I have to say that this is the most animated my son has ever been on the Family Time Q&A Podcast. I liked it a lot. Listen to the very end to see who gets the last word in.

On a side note, I have been telling friends that Jacob was just one growth spurt away from growing taller than me. I am both happy and sad to say that day has come. Jacob is now about an inch taller than I am with a greater reach than I have. The cool thing is that he can now get things from high places for me!

Jacob can now reach high places for me!


I never stretched so much to be taller. He wasn’t even trying.

I heard that we can burn about 7 calories per minute of paintball play, or 350 to 420 calories per hour. So, for my journal entry into MyFitnessPal, I assumed that out of the five to six hours we spent at the field that we only had about 2 hours of gameplay. It may have been more than that, but I had no way of knowing without an accurate reading from a heart rate monitor like the Fitbit One or Fitbit Flex that syncs with MyFitnessPal.

Splatter Action Paintball is where we got our paintball action.

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