Episode 13 – Age Appropriate Responsibilities

What do you enjoy doing, and why? Comment below.

Emma’s question to me: “What do you enjoy doing and why?”

My question to Emma: “What are some responsibilities at home you would like us to entrust to you?” Thanks to my friend, Chris, out of Corpus Christi, Texas (Padre Island), for this question.

Some of the other things we talk about in this episode include the following:
  • $7 in chores per week
  • Three things we do with our money: Give, Save, and Spend the Rest
  • Bug extermination (also known as “the embarrassing question”)
  • Zombie apocalypse…don’t know how that found its way into a family show

Zombie Bug Articles:

Divorcing Society’s Ideals for Marriage by Ryan & Selena Frederick of FierceMarriage.com. Follow their blog, and on Twitter @FierceMarriage, Google Plus +Ryan Frederick 

Moonjar Classic Moneybox – My kids used to simply have three separate jars, one labeled “giving”, another “saving”, and the third “spending”. If you’d rather have something that was manufactured for the same purpose, then consider buying one of these from Amazon.

Smart Money Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze. These guys are an inspiration to me.

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