Episode 12 – What Olivia and I Have Learned from Our Weaknesses and Struggles

What has been your life’s biggest challenges and weaknesses, and what lessons have you drawn from them? Comment below.

That is the discussion that Olivia and I have in this husband-wife Q&A session of Family Time Q&A. We also do a shout-out question from our friend, Shawn, from Boerne, Texas. We even tell you where you can find Boerne, Texas!

Emma was in another room making a melted crayon canvas, so you may hear some interference from her hairdryer. Our apologies, but here’s a picture (or two) of Emma and her Crayola masterpiece.

Fatherpreneur.com is my friend’s blog. Joseph Cortez talks about the joys and challenges of being both an entrepreneur and a parent. He is the owner of Exit Realty Bay Area in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Here are some of the struggles we talked about in today’s show. Blog archive – “How You Got Fat?!

Radio Silence” Sermon #3 of Pastor Bil Cornelius’s series Spec Ops. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZErIutYj9I


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