Episode 10 – How We Planned Emma’s New Business Idea (and more)

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In this father-daughter episode, Emma and I talk about her kid business venture Friendship Co., “Where the friendship begins”. It is her Rainbow Loom hobby turned pro as she decided to take her kid business start up into a 2-phase process. 

Listen to some of the decision-making process we went through together to develop a simple business plan. 

My Mailchimp Yeti (aka “Snowman”) hanging out with
Rainbow Loom Elsa, a snake, and scissors.

Also in this episode, Emma asked me what I felt was my best characteristic as a father, and I ask a “listener”-fielded question to her about her biggest dream. It was a little bit of a stretch for the “listener” aspect of that question. That just means we need more listeners like you to send us a question you’d like answered on Family Time Q&A. Thanks for listening!

Oh, and I think I said an oxymoron in this episode, how do you pride yourself on being humble? I need a better way to say that.

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Show Notes:

Always finding time at home to practice Pointe.
I once caught her raiding the fridge in this position

Emma said that she loves
how I am not too caught up
in proving that I’m a tough guy
to let her have moments like these.
January 2013

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