How would you define respect?

Define Respect – Father-Son Discussion Episode 51 FTQA Podcast

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Captain America in L.A.In this father-son discussion, Jerry and Jacob talk about the following:

  • New baseball league for Jacob
  • and Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (February)
  • Captain America on the streets of L.A.
  • Jacob’s Question to Jerry – Where is somewhere you’d like to visit but haven’t been yet?
  • Jerry’s Question to Jacob – What does respect mean to you? In other words, how would you define respect to someone who doesn’t understand the concept?


Define Respect - Love Is Respect

I can’t believe I went through the entire month of February and did not have a single conversation with my son about teen dating violence (tdv) awareness. February is TDV Awareness Month and it’s something I’ve talked about in my community for the past four years. Better late than never.

I had Jacob navigate through, a resource, I shared often when working as a Community Educator with a battered women’s shelter in Texas. If you have not gone to that website before, you need to see it as a valuable resource if you are the parent of teenagers. There is a plethora of tools that have been designed for teens on relationships, such as quizzes, hotlines (chat, phone, and texting,) and a slough of information including how sexting can be a form of power and control in relationships.


Why It’s Important for Teens to Be Able to Define Respect

It is important for me that Jacob is able to define respect by articulating it in his own words. Many of us say that we want others to respect us, but cannot seem to find the words to describe what that respect looks like. It is different for all of us, especially across different cultures and subcultures. It’s often easier to point out behaviors that are disrespectful to us. My hope with this conversation was to get Jacob thinking beyond what disrespect looks like and actively point out a few respectful behaviors to live by.

What he came up with had a lot to do with communication. That surprised me because of the recent conversation I had with Olivia about communication in our marriage in Episode 50 of Family Time Q&A.


Coaching Boys Into Men – a Resource for Men

The question I asked Jacob came straight from a resource called “Coaching Boys Into Men” which can be found at It is a discussion tool designed for men who coach boys’ sports teams. The first lesson of the 12-lesson program asks boys to define respect in their own words and provides coaches with scripts on how to drive the message home. Jacob doesn’t know this, but I plan to take him through each lesson of Coaching Boys Into Men over his next twelve appearances on the show starting with this episode.

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