#DadsDoMatter Challenge Accepted


MochaDad’s Original Challenge Post 

My friend, Emiliano, called me out to do the #DadsDoMatter Challenge. 
Challenge accepted and DONE! 

Thanks to Frederick J. Goodall from MochaDad.com for not including some sort of icewater-filled bucket in this, and for raising awareness on something near and dear for me.

Didn’t feel like clicking the link above? That’s okay. Here are the three simple steps:
1. Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says “#DadsDoMatter”, then post on your social media with the same hashtag.
2. Challenge three (3) dads to post a #DadsDoMatter photo of their own.
3.  Support other dads by sharing their photos via social media.
I remember attending a marriage conference a couple of years ago. The guest speaker had all the men gathered in a room separate from their wives. He asked us to describe our fathers in one word. One by one, the 70 men in the room began to speak their one word. Loving. Tender. Giving. Caring. Teacher. Wise.

Then, one painful response opened a flood of more painful responses. Disappointment! Abuser! Absent! Loser!

It became very apparent there were men in the room who benefited from having a father who was present, loving, humble, and honest. Yet, there were men struggling in their lives including their marriages who had been painfully wounded by their fathers. #DadsDoMatter.

I described my own father with this one word, “Sacrificial.” He is the kind of father who once gave me the last $20 bill in his pocket so I could sign up for high school football. The kind of guy who would swallow his own pride and do what needed to be done for those he loves.

So, take on this challenge. Give “MochaDad” credit. 

Specifically, I want these three men to do the challenge themselves:
  1. Brandon Cunningham
  2. Fatherpreneur Joseph Cortez
  3. Jeff Abramovitz from the DadPad.org

Who will you call out for the #DadsDoMatter Challenge? 

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