Dad, how long would you live in the zombie apocalypse, and why? The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Special Episode.

Recording day also happened to be the Season 5 Premiere for AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Naturally, that made its way into the Family Time Q&A Podcast this week. While our kids do not watch the show like Olivia and I do, they seem to follow along by talking with us about that show.

Emma’s question to me: How do you think you’d be able to survive in the zombie apocalypse, and how would you survive?

What’s in my answer? Here’s a couple of clues, “zombie apocalypse contingency plan” and “ZAT Roster.” I think Emma was in a bit of disbelief by my response. Then again, it seems like she had a suggestion or two herself.

My question to Emma: We spent quite a bit of time this weekend binge watching the show “Once Upon a Time” on Netflix. What are some characteristics that you think we both share?

Our question to you: Would Ontario, Canada be a good city to hold out from the zombie apocalypse? Why, or why not? Answer in the comments below!

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