Weekend to Remember Wrap Up

Weekend to Remember, 2015, Corpus Christi

“It truly helped us reconnect and learn so much info about one another. Plus we’ve never been alone so we had our honeymoon 4 years later, and it was amazing! Truly a weekend to remember, and I will never forget!” Wife, married 4 years Olivia and I wrapped up another FamilyLife Weekend to Remember in … Read more

Father-Son Review of American Sniper (movie) Episode 48 FTQA

Click here to listen to the podcast SHOW NOTES In this episode, Jerry and Jacob have a father-son discussion about the movie American Sniper. We actually recorded this conversation right after we saw the movie on January 24. The following was also discussed:   What touched Jerry the most from the movie? How the movie … Read more

Pointe Shoes and Cyberbullying – Episode 46 FTQA

Click here to listen to the podcast SHOW NOTES (0:15) Emma, aka “my special guest,” has danced in multiple productions of the Corpus Christi Ballet, makes purses out of Black Friday newspapers ads (and duct tape,) and once said that tap dancing was not a cool trick! She went back and reinforced it with duct … Read more

Episode 22 – Five Things We Do to Stay Close in Our Marriage

Olivia and I had the privilege and honor to serve as prayer volunteers for a recent Art of Marriage event at Bay Area Fellowship-Westside. The event was led by our friends Clem and Marvella Ortiz, and a great team of volunteers who served in areas like childcare, set up, refreshments, and production. One of the … Read more