Husbands, Lead, Dang It! …”Follow” and “Get Out of the Way” Are Not Options

John 13:5 “…but I could never convince my husband to attend one of these.” This is the most common response I hear women give when Olivia and I  promote A Weekend to Remember marriage getaway by FamilyLife. What amazes me is the consistency in that response from the women who say it, the dejected tone … Read more

About the Weekend to Remember, a two-and-a-half day weekend getaway for couples

Find a FamilyLife Weekend to Remember location and register.  Special Rate: Use Group Name “CorpusChristi” and save up to $100 off your registration rate. Focus Life has a way of overwhelming a marriage. Jobs, kids, activities, errands. Before you know it, checking your e-mail is more important than carving out a date night. FamilyLife’s Weekend … Read more

Weekend to Remember, Refresh & Recharge Your Marriage

Date Night with OliviaSan Antonio Weekend to RememberNovember 2012 Register for a Weekend to Remember at and use Group Name “CorpusChristi” for a special group rate. Make an investment in the quality of your marriage now and prevent heartache and divorce tomorrow. This getaway is not just for those who are struggling. Liv and … Read more

5 Ways to Make Your Wife Submit to You

Liv and I often come across couples who struggle with the passage in Ephesians 5:22-25,  submission of a wife to her husband. Men are often frustrated that their wives will not submit like they read in the Bible. In fact, these frustrated men often ask me, “Jerry, how do I make my wife submit to … Read more

The 7-Day Media Fast

Last Week, I suddenly challenged myself and my family to a 7-Day Media Fast. I was in the middle of assessing my life goals and completing Step 3 of the “I Dare You to Change Challenge” (if you do not already own a copy of I Dare You to Change by Bil Cornelius, I highly … Read more