Bringing Up Old Stuff in Marriage is Good

Rhine River Cruise Gone Bad

Olivia and I spent some time this week talking about one moment from our past together we would like to relive. She didn’t hesitate about the time when I bought tickets for a cruise on the Rhine River. We were both in the Army at the time, and stationed in Germany. The trip was scheduled … Read more

Open Love Letter to My Wife

Open Love Letter to My Wife

My friend, Troy, is celebrating his 17th wedding anniversary this week. He asked me to help him draft a love letter to express his love for his wife, and it in turn inspired me to write my own love letter for Olivia. So, here’s my open love letter to Olivia, my wonderful wife of the past … Read more

Express Yourself – Madonna’s Missed Secret to Men for a Healthy Marriage

Express yourself

I don’t know why, but I was singing Madonna’s “Express Yourself” while making pancakes and bacon on a Saturday morning. In fact, I’m writing this twelve hours since that breakfast, and Olivia just asked me, “Are you still singing that song?” Yup. It happens. I just got “Geronimo” by Shepherd out of my head. As … Read more

Six Reasons Why You Should Attend a Marriage Conference

Corporations spend millions of dollars each year developing their leaders to have the best-trained staff in the industry. Cliff Ravenscraft from Podcast Answer Man shared in Episode 391, “Six Reasons Why You Should Attend a Conference.” Those same principles can be carried over to marriage, so here are six reasons why a married couple should regularly attend … Read more

The Duality of Men and What We Teach Our Boys

I had the honor of attending my daughter’s performance of The Nutcracker ballet this past weekend. Olivia and Emma arrived early for warm-ups, rehearsal with the orchestra, and getting into costume. That meant “the boys” would arrive later and separately. That consisted of myself, Jacob, and my father-in-law. As “the boys” were walking through the … Read more

Episode 22 – Five Things We Do to Stay Close in Our Marriage

Olivia and I had the privilege and honor to serve as prayer volunteers for a recent Art of Marriage event at Bay Area Fellowship-Westside. The event was led by our friends Clem and Marvella Ortiz, and a great team of volunteers who served in areas like childcare, set up, refreshments, and production. One of the … Read more

My Own Replacement: Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003

Originally published on May 28, 2011 February 2003, Kuwait, Decontamination drill. This vehicle would be my home for 3 months. It was a bunk, a tent, an awning, an ambulance, a command vehicle, whatever we needed it to be. I served as a U.S. Army medic invading Iraq in 2003 with the 1st Battalion, 10th … Read more