Images and Lessons from TAASA Conference 2014

Advodates, educators, law enforcement officers, and SANE’swere recognized for their efforts to end sexual assault byaddressing barriers to helping survivors and holding sex offenders accountable. The Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) held a sexual assault conference recently. I had the honor and pleasure to spend five days in Irvine, Texas to learn current strategies and practices … Read more

My 12th Lesson Learned from 12 Years of Marriage

November 17, 2013 will mark 12 wonderful, adventurous, fulfilling and challenging years with Olivia as my wife. Reflecting on this milestone has helped me realize… Lesson #12 – Dream together. I finally shared my Life Plan, all of it, with Olivia this year. The method behind my madness was explained, AND I found even more … Read more

Husbands, Lead, Dang It! …”Follow” and “Get Out of the Way” Are Not Options

John 13:5 “…but I could never convince my husband to attend one of these.” This is the most common response I hear women give when Olivia and I  promote A Weekend to Remember marriage getaway by FamilyLife. What amazes me is the consistency in that response from the women who say it, the dejected tone … Read more