Cold Coffee and Mrs. Villian – Episode 49 FTQA Podcast

Download this episode (right-click to save file.) In this episode, Jerry and Emma have a father-daughter discussion about the following: Jerry’s bad coffee habit Emma’s challenge of the week at school, a villian in the midst Creepy dolls What style of dance would Jerry like to learn (Macho Dance!) Quelf board game (from the daughter … Read more

We Will Never, Ever Get Rid of Bullying! So, What Should We Do? (Part 1)

I came across this meme on Facebook, and it immediately triggered me to cry foul on it being a victim-blaming, bully-supporting meme. While I was blessed to have a very civil and intelligent conversation with friends about the meme, I noticed that the public (Facebook) discussion was far from civil. So, what’s the problem? Those … Read more

Dad, how long would you live in the zombie apocalypse, and why? The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Special Episode.

Click here to listen to the podcast. Recording day also happened to be the Season 5 Premiere for AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Naturally, that made its way into the Family Time Q&A Podcast this week. While our kids do not watch the show like Olivia and I do, they seem to follow along by talking … Read more